Favorite places to get Food and Drinks in Kathmandu|Nepal Travel Diary #3

Hello lovelies ~ long time no chat but I am back and this time I have a post for all you foodies out there. I am a big foodie myself and I also love going out for beverages, be it bubble tea, milkshakes, mocktails or cocktails – you can count me in. So, I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite places I went to eat and drink in Kathmandu, Nepal from my last trip there. If you are going to Kathmandu, make sure to check out these places.

1. OCTAVE:img_3392.jpg

What to get?

Drinks: Octave has a wide variety of drinks, but if you’re looking for the perfect mocktail, go for the signature Octave mocktail (the orange drink in the picture). However, if you are more of a cocktail person, I’d recommend you try a drink from the Game of Thrones list. The drink pictured above is the House of Tully drink which my sister got, I tried a few sips but do I recommend it? Yes! But feel free to try any of the drinks from the list and  if you watch the tv series, pick a drink according to your favorite Game of Thrones house OR you could choose the drink that has your favorite combination like my sister and I did for the House of Tully drink – NO, it is not our favorite house.

Food: Pork chilly and Royal chicken all the way. The Royal chicken was crispy and it was cooked perfectly and as for the pork chilly? It was the best I’ve had so far! You have to give it a try. If you don’t eat pork, you can opt for chicken, mushroom, paneer or sausage chilly. Also, the word on the street is that Octave has great sushi, one of the best in Kathmandu so if you want to have sushi, give Octave’s sushi a try!

What I loved about Octave other than the food is the ambience, the live music, and the lights (and I’m not just talking about the fairy lights as you can see in the pictures here, but also the way they light up the outdoor patio in the evening). Octave is the perfect place to go to if you want to enjoy your time with your friends/family! Oh and did I mention that you can have your photo taken by a professional photographer that is FREE of charge! That’s right, there is a designated photographer at the restaurant who captures great moments that you are having with your friends/family/whoever you are dining with! You can access the pictures on their official website OR on their Facebook page.

2. Mezze by Roadhouse: The location, the decor, the lovely patio area and the view – all of it together creates a wonderful environment. There are many Roadhouse cafe branches across the Kathmandu Valley, but Mezze by Roadhouse located in Darbarmarg is the best one in my opinion because of the view it offers. You can sip your drink and eat delicious snacks as you enjoy the view of the Royal Palace. Plus, Durbarmarg is a happening place – there’s a lot going on there, as it’s filled with great restaurants and shopping centres.

View of the Royal Palace



Mezze by Roadhouse Cafe is the perfect place to grab quick delicious bites. I would recommend you try their cajun potato wedges and chicken bites, as pictured above- it is the perfect snack!


Mocktails – Blue Island and Two Three Tango
Mint lemonade
Peach Iced Tea

I went to Mezze a few times during my stay in Kathmandu because I liked it so much. Below are my top recommendations for drinks to get here. If you see an asterisk (*) next to a drink’s name, it means that was my favorite 🙂

– Blue Island: Blue curucao & sweet lemonade

– Three Two Tango*: orange juice, cranberry juice and peach syrup

– Mint Lemonade*: refreshing lemonade with crushed mint

– Peach Iced Tea: peach syrup, iced-tea and lemon juice

3. Wellness Organic Club Restaurant: Did someone say live cultural dances? Yes, you heard that right! Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 4.44.16 PMScreen Shot 2018-02-16 at 4.36.38 PMWellness Organic Club is a rooftop restaurant that offers a beautiful view of Kathmandu and has indoor and outdoor seating. It is on the top floor of the Wellness Organic Club, which has a spa, salon and gym. As you dine here, performers will take over the stage and showcase different cultural dances of Nepal (they put on a short show at various intervals throughout the day, the last one being at 8pm). In my opinion, if you are not familiar with Nepali culture/ dances, it is a good introduction to different forms of dances and clothing/groups that are in Nepal. Also, at the end of the show, the performers called my family to join them on stage and dance with them – as you can imagine, while this was not something I expected, I have to say, it was a lot of fun!

In addition to the cultural dances, the food here will make your stop all the more worth it! After all, the food that is served is organic and healthier than what most other restaurants offer (especially in Kathmandu). Wellness Organic Club owns and operates organic farms in five different locations around Nepal. Good food + good entertainment + good service? You can find all of that in this restaurant. You’ll definetly have a memorable time here! With that said, here are my recommendations on what you should try:

Drink: I’d recommend you try Red Mountain (the mocktail pictured above) – it is a combination of, orange juice, apple juice, blue curacao and vanilla ice cream.

What to eat? Go for the thali set at the restaurant! Thali means platter in Nepali and Hindi, upon ordering which you will get a selection of delicious food items on the platter. The two pictures you see above are a part of the thali set that I ordered. Over all – the thali set was delicious and super filling too. Now, while everything was delicious, I have to say that I liked the chicken momo, chicken gravy and daal (lentils) the most. Also, just so you know: when you order the thali set, you also get the option to try Newari alcohol, aila. It is unlike any drink you’ve had before because it is local Nepali alcohol and oh boy is it STRONG! I only tried it because I never had Nepali alcohol before this. I would recommend you to give it a try, even if it is just for the experience! And who knows you might like it…but me? For someone who isn’t fond of alcohol, this was just too strong for me and I was not able to have more than a sip! In fact,  I personally do not like alcohol so I go for mocktails, milkshakes etc, as you’ll probably figure from this list…although once in a while, I do make an exception for cocktails🍹

Aila, Newari drink.

5. Trisara

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 3.46.10 PM
Fried rice, Bangkok chicken, Korean chicken and Jhol Momo! IG – trisara_restaurant
With my cousin, Aditya! (flash was on >.< sorry for the quality)


If you are looking to go some place where there is good food and entertainment, check out Trisara, the Garden of Heaven. You might even bump into Nepali celebs here after all, it is everyone’s favorite spot for a reason. I had always heard of Trisara but I did not know why it was so popular until I checked it out myself, and of course it did not disappoint, landing a spot here on my list! This place has it all, live music – featuring talented Nepali artists, a lovely outdoor space and of course, delicious food. I loved their Bangkok chicken with fried rice, it was oh so flavourful! I definetly recommend you to try it. PS: Sorry about the poor quality of the picture above but it is the one good picture I have with my (not so) little cousin, Aditya – who may be younger than me in age, but boy has he grown tall since the last time I saw him. 

4. Keventers: Milkshake anyone?

IMG_6660 4IMG_6657 9

Don’t you love the cute sayings that they have on the bottle caps?

You see, I have tried milkshakes in many places in Kathmandu but it has generally been too watery/liquidy for my liking. Keventers is quite popular and has been in the business for a long, long time in India. They only recently opened their kiosk in Nepal, at Labim mall. I tried the tootie-frootie and strawberry milkshake and I found their milkshake to have the right consistency, it was not too thick but also not too liquidy and that is important when it comes to milkshakes, trust me. All in all, Keventers was worth the try! They have many flavors to choose from, so it’s not just your classic, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. You can choose from 20 flavors which is great! Nevertheless, I must say, it wasn’t my favorite milkshake that I’ve ever tried but I as of now, I do think that they have the best milkshake you can find in Kathmandu.

6. Lassi @ Indirachowk (Janakpur Lassi Bhandar) 

IMG_5484 (1).jpg

Lassi is a curd-based smoothie but the lassi in Indirachowk is not something you’d order inside a restaurant, rather it is sold at a stall that can be found in the busy streets of Indirachowk. The lassi stall that I am talking about is the Janakpur Lassi Bhandar! As I was walking with my aunt and mum, we saw this stand and my aunt said: YOU HAVE TO TRY THE LASSI HERE (she had already tried the lassi there before)…and while I was ready to try it because I like trying things…I did have some questions. I remember thinking…here?! Are you sure? Is this even sanitary? Is it going to taste good? Shall we just have lassi at a restaurant near by??!…”Sure” I said, hesitantly and who would have known that this would be the best lassi that I’ve ever tried? It just goes to show: don’t judge a book by it’s cover! However, with that said: I was only making sure – I mean it’s valid to have such concerns, specially given the fact that a lot of the street food, while it surely may taste good, is often unsanitary and can lead to food poisoning and diarrhea. Luckily, I have not experienced that BUT my relatives and even my friends have fallen sick as a result of consuming street food. But this lassi stand? Not only is it quite popular but the lassi here is fantastic and it did not leave me with an upset stomach or anything as such.

Quick question folks: have you ever tried lassi before? 

No? You have to try it! Now, you could try it anywhere (usually in Indian or Nepali restaurants) BUT if you are in Kathmandu, I would recommend that you try it at Indirachowk, at the Janakpur Lassi Bhandar, because oh my god, the way they make their lassi…it’s just going to make you want more and more.

Yes? But have you had it at Indirachowk? No? Then have you really had lassi? Just kidding…but really, the lassi in Indirachowk changed my opinion on lassi – I mean, I was never fond of it, but the lassi here was just too good! Sometimes, I randomly crave lassi, but not just any lassi, rather – this very one. After all, it’s not too sweet, but with that said, it is isn’t bland either. It has the perfect consistency and level of sweetness that a lassi should have in my opinion. Plus, the best part is that they add cashews, almonds and chewy raisins at the top along with khuwa (which is a dairy product that is super creamy, and is either made of dried whole milk or milk thickened by heating in an open iron pan).

7. Sam’s One Tree Cafe aka. the replacement of everyone’s beloved Nanglo Cafe.

Nanglo Cafe used to be one of the most popular cafes in Nepal. I remember going there many, many times as a kid. Although it closed down, I wanted to check out its replacement, Sam’s One Tree Cafe. My lovely cousin, Aditi and I dropped by Sam’s One Tree to cool down on a hot day. We got the Minnie Mouse and the Cinderella mocktail. Coincidently, my drink matched with my outfit that day as you can see from the pictures below. My first sip of the drink certainly felt refreshing however, I could really taste the syrup in the drink- it had an overpowering taste that I did not really enjoy and so I have to say that the drinks we got here were not the best, but the MO:MOs and the sizzling plates here are DELICIOUS.

Also, this cafe is unique – it is an equal opportunity employer and most of the staff at the cafe are deaf. Plus, as you enter the cafe, you will walk through the One Tree Stop shop, which is a gallery shop that sells Nepali products and celebrates local craftsmanship.


BRB… catching the earliest flight to Nepal so I can go and indulge in everything on this list once again and explore more places. Oh, how I wish I could do that however, I am in university right now and the workload is pilling up so who are we kidding…more like brb, I’ll go finish an assignment and make myself instant noodles because that’s what us university students eat right? (Just kidding, I try to incorporate healthy eating…but this is a very common stereotype towards university students and to some extent, I must say it holds some truth but not in every case…nevertheless, this doesn’t take away from the fact that I could be in Kathmandu right now…sigh). I hope you liked this post. There are so many restaurants and cafes in Kathmandu that I want to explore, and I can’t wait to do so whenever I visit Nepal next. I will definetly be making an updated post with my new faves then.

In the comments, let me know if there’s something you’d like to try from this list! I will be back with another post very soon,





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  1. Hey Darshana! Amazing post 🙂 The pictures really make me want to pack my bags and head for Kathmandu right this moment!
    Looking forward to more from your experiences!


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