“She is”

She is Confident 

While you are too busy trying to tear her down, she continues to rise, facing situations before her with her head up high

She is Courageous

You tell her that she cannot do it, she hears you. She turns around and just like that, she turns these cannot’s into can’s

She is Beautiful

You tell her that beauty is not a word you’d use to describe her and that she has to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. She battled with this idea for years, thanks to you. But NO more – because today she has realized that she is beautiful no matter what you say

She is Intelligent 

Who says beauty and brains don’t go together? Be it Math, Politics, Engineering or Science, she can study whatever she wants to. Education does not see a gender and neither should you

She is Strong

You call her weak but little do you know that she is in fact one of the strongest people you will ever meet. And don’t forget, strength comes in many forms and one does not need to be a heavyweight champion to prove this. I mean look at her, despite you calling her names and telling her what she can and cannot do – she has not given up and to tell you the truth, she won’t give up

She is anything she wants to be

So don’t tell her how to live, how to walk, how to act, what to do and what to wear

Her decisions are her’s and her’s only

And finally,

She is  ___________

(Kindly Fill in the blank in the comments section (let’s try to fill the comments section with positivity and positivity only – thank you) ♡