Favorite places to get Food and Drinks in Kathmandu|Nepal Travel Diary #3

Hello lovelies ~ long time no chat but I am back and this time I have a post for all you foodies out there. I am a big foodie myself and I also love going out for beverages, be it bubble tea, milkshakes, mocktails or cocktails – you can count me in. So, I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite places I went to eat and drink in Kathmandu, Nepal from my last trip there. If you are going to Kathmandu, make sure to check out these places. Continue reading “Favorite places to get Food and Drinks in Kathmandu|Nepal Travel Diary #3”

Visit Boudhanath Stupa with Darshana – Nepal Travel Diary #2

Namaste ❤

Boudhanath Stupa (Boudha) is one of my favorite places to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal! This time, I want to take you to Boudha with me!

*Om Mani Padme Hum – take a listen as you read this blog post so you can feel like you are in Boudha with me* 

Colourful prayer flags, the Om Mani Padme Hum tune that you hear playing as you walk, turning prayer wheels, stores with traditional items and the rooftop restaurants, where you are able to get good food with a lovely view – all of this can be found in one place. That place is: Boudha.

Who can say no to MOMO (Nepali Dumplings) and a refreshing drink?

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Boudha is a peaceful site where you will find pilgrims and tourists year-round. This stupa is one of the largest in the world and it holds great significance to Buddhists.

I always find myself fascinated by how beautiful the stupa is and how peaceful I feel as I hear Om Mane Padme Hum play in the background when I walk around the stupa.

IMG_1682 219867033_1511648422228742_982586584_o.jpg20317013_10155456799890688_1726617425_o

Exploring the stores around Boudha: 


The stores around Boudha sell many souvenir items that you can buy. When in Boudha, I like to see if there are any unique finds at these stores. I suggest you do the same because there is so much you can check out at these stores and who knows, you might find something that you like!

Also, in case you did not notice – the t-shirt that I wore on this day has prayer flags on it. Where can you get the t-shirt? These prayer flag t-shirts are very popular in Kathmandu right now and so you can get it in various local clothing stores, meaning you do not have to go to a specific store to get it. I got mine in Thamel at the Pilgrim Bookstore (as the quality of their shirts are really good) but these stores around Boudha sell this t-shirt too! My only advice would be to check the price for these t-shirts from store to store as you will find that each stores sells it for a slightly different price.


After spending time walking around the Stupa and checking out the stores in Boudha, I like to stop for food because the food in Boudha is really good. I would highly recommend you to have food at one of the rooftop restaurants and/or try Laping!

You must be thinking: Laping? What’s that…Darshana, do you mean… laughing?

No, I did not type ‘laughing’ incorrectly. I know the spelling of the word (I was the spelling bee champion in grade 4) *flips hair* Back to the point, what is laping you ask? That’s the same question I asked those around me when I first visited Boudha as they recommended that I try it. Laping can be found in Tibetian cuisine and it is a spicy mung bean noodle dish. Now, in order to have laping, you need to wander a little bit in the area because the places that offer laping are tucked in behind the stores you will find in Boudha. Simply ask any storeowner and in most cases, they should be able to guide you to a place that makes laping. I had no clue as to what laping was or how it tasted at that time but all I knew about it was that it is spicy!

Do spicy food and I go together? Many people say, Darshana you’re Nepali so obviously you would like spicy food (while it is true that majority of Nepali people eat spicy food, not all of us can). Perhaps it will surprise you but I am one of the few Nepali people that you’ll meet who is unable to eat much spicy food. But does that stop me from trying a new food item? If you know me well, you know I’m always down to try new things, especially when it comes to food. So, despite not being too fond of spicy food, I gave it a shot!

Featured: White Laping w/ Yellow Laping at the back


The verdict: It was spicy! BUT I have to say, I kinda liked it , in fact… I liked it quite a lot. You see, people are generally divided over laping, some love it while others, meh – not so much. I do think it has an acquired taste. To be honest it took me a while to finish it because of the fact that it was quite spicy but the more I ate it, the more I realized that the taste grows on you. If you are unable to eat spicy food, boy are you missing out on trying this unique dish. So while I do recommend you try laping, I will warn you that it is quite spicy and because it also has an acquired taste, you may or may not like it, but I certainly think its worth a try! ALSO, I was just thinking . . . with all these challenges on youtube (ie. spicy ramen challenge) they should also do a SUPER SPICY Laping challenge – now that would be fun to do/watch wouldn’t it? Hmm.

Fun fact: the laping in Boudha is said to be the best laping in town, so of course I had to include it in this post!

Thank you for visiting Boudha with me! I mentioned Boudha in two of my previous posts and so I knew I had to make a separate post for it so that I could show you what a lovely place this is and why I felt the need to mention it in my other posts (Top Places to Visit in the Capital City) and (Namaste from the Motherland – #Nepal Travel Diary).

Prayer Wheels

I hope that through this post you can see why Boudha is one of my favorite places to visit in Kathmandu. I also hope that you enjoyed this post! Sending you positive energy and good vibes.


Top Places to Visit in the Capital City – Nepal Travel Diary #1

Welcome to the colorful and vibrant city,

icons8-Marker-64.png Kathmandu, Nepal 

   – View from Swayambunath –

Kathmandu (काठमाण्डु) – the capital of Nepal is the largest Himalayan state in Asia and the centre of Nepal’s history, culture, art and economy. 

Dear diary  // Dear readers,

Today’s diary entry is the first one in the Nepal Travel Diary series. To kick it off, I have created a list of the top places to visit in Kathmandu. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Namaste from the Motherland! #NepalTravelDiary

Namaste: a form of greeting in Nepal/India – Direct translation: ‘I salute the God in you’.

Namaste! I was born in the beautiful country, Nepal, a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country. It is also home to the tallest mountain(s) in the WORLD and it is the birth place of Lord Buddha. Sounds like a wonderful country doesn’t it? It is and to give you glimpses of this beautiful country and the lifestyle here, I am starting a Nepal Travel Diary series! So, if you haven’t followed this blog yet – what are you waiting for? Get on the bandwagon (you know you want to) and you won’t miss out on a single adventure!

To get us started, here are some fun facts about Nepal:
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48 Hours in: North Carolina

Happy 4th of July!

What can you do in 48 hours in North Carolina to have a memorable experience?

That’s exactly what this post will address since I recently took a trip to North Carolina to visit my cousin who is doing her PhD at Duke university. I’ll be sharing my highlights from the short two day trip to North Carolina as well as my recommendations on where to go and eat. So, lets get right into it. Continue reading “48 Hours in: North Carolina”

“She is”

She is Confident 

While you are too busy trying to tear her down, she continues to rise, facing situations before her with her head up high

She is Courageous

You tell her that she cannot do it, she hears you. She turns around and just like that, she turns these cannot’s into can’s

She is Beautiful

You tell her that beauty is not a word you’d use to describe her and that she has to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. She battled with this idea for years, thanks to you. But NO more – because today she has realized that she is beautiful no matter what you say

She is Intelligent 

Who says beauty and brains don’t go together? Be it Math, Politics, Engineering or Science, she can study whatever she wants to. Education does not see a gender and neither should you

She is Strong

You call her weak but little do you know that she is in fact one of the strongest people you will ever meet. And don’t forget, strength comes in many forms and one does not need to be a heavyweight champion to prove this. I mean look at her, despite you calling her names and telling her what she can and cannot do – she has not given up and to tell you the truth, she won’t give up

She is anything she wants to be

So don’t tell her how to live, how to walk, how to act, what to do and what to wear

Her decisions are her’s and her’s only

And finally,

She is  ___________

(Kindly Fill in the blank in the comments section (let’s try to fill the comments section with positivity and positivity only – thank you) ♡